3 Reasons Staffing Firms are Important

Staffing firms, like Stratice, are the matchmakers of the workforce! We help companies find candidates that have the right skills and personality to fit their individual team. 

Here are 3 reasons why staffing firms are important in the modern business world:

We take the weight off of the client’s shoulders.

For most clients recruiting is not always a primary focus, but is a necessary practice. Recruiting can be laborious and time consuming for an employer, especially when there are several jobs to fill. With the use of a trusted staffing agency, client’s don’t have to take on the cumbersome work of seeking out potential candidates. Instead, a staffing agency will complete the process to find and present candidates that meet the requirements of the desired job, as well as the culture of the company. 

 Specialized staffing firms typically have a large network of individuals in their preferred fields.These individuals are high quality candidates that already have established relationships with the firm. These relationships allow the firm to quickly assess the compatibility of their candidates with the position at hand, saving the client both time and money.

 Staffing agencies also provide a client with workplace flexibility. Some clients are in need of candidates for only one-time projects, and other times for more permanent positions. Staffing firms can present candidates that meet the exact needs of the client, no matter the duration of the job.

We provide support to the candidates.

Just as companies have the daunting task of recruiting, candidates have the difficult task of finding the job that they best fit. Staffing agencies have direct connections to hiring businesses and can expedite the process of finding the perfect job. Staffing agencies prioritize the compatibility of a candidate’s skills, abilities, and job preferences with their clients that are seeking to fill positions. This approach is a more effective and time efficient process rather than the candidate searching on their own.

Many staffing agencies provide the added benefit of professional development resources for their candidates, also. Candidates can receive valuable help, such as, resume reviews, interview tips, and training in how to work in different professional spaces.

We understand the value of our work.

The staffing industry is a strong and growing industry with significant impacts on the economy. With every person we connect with an employer, we’ve created multiple relationships that strengthen and broaden our network. We understand the importance of these relationships and are always seeking out ways to strengthen and improve them. 

We help individuals achieve their career goals and change their lives for the better – which we think is a pretty great job perk! Our jobs impact many jobs, and we see the value in that work and take it seriously. 

We hope that this gave some insight to how impactful staffing firms are to our current corporate landscape, and how they can be utilized by businesses and individuals. If you would like to learn more about how Stratice can help you, contact us today and let’s get the conversation started! We would love to assist you with all of your staffing needs so that you can go forth and conquer!

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