5 Tips to Stay Efficient at Work (Efficiency is key)

Does it sometimes feel like even though you are at work all day, you get almost nothing done? Do you want a more efficient employee and culture? Stratice can help you with that! That way you can work every day knowing that you are giving it your best and using your time as wisely and efficiently as possible with these next five tips.


1. Cultivate a good routine

Get into a routine of getting stuff done. Develop systems in place to get work done and live by those systems. When you have a good routine, right when you get to work you know what to expect and can start right away and you won’t get thrown off so quickly. Through a strong routine, you know what to do, when to do it, and how to get work done well. This can all be summed up in the phrase, plan your work and work your plan. The more systems you have in place devoted to organization and efficiency, the more you will be able to get done during your workday.


2. Get great at delegating tasks

A huge time suck at work can be, being unable to say no to lesser tasks. In these instances, you get stuck doing tedious tasks that could be delegated to someone else and therefore you can better use your time. It’s important to realize what can you do, what can you plan, what can you delegate and what can you eliminate. So many everyday tasks come up, and it’s important to trust others enough to delegate. This will empower you to be more productive.


3. Communicate effectively

There are so many ways to communicate with others. It’s important to utilize all forms of communication to stay efficient. So much time can be spent on email communicating back and forth about a task because the information given wasn’t clear or substantial enough the first time. There is almost nothing worse than a chain of back-and-forth emails. Instead of having that dreaded fate, write good emails. Include concise yet detailed information in your emails and try and anticipate problems or questions that may come up. An intentionally written email will make life so much easier and eliminate a constantly full inbox.


4. Keep a distraction list

First of all, what is a distraction list? It is simply a list of everything that pops up in your head and distracts you from your current task. Be sure and keep a piece of scratch paper around to write down anything that may need to be done later, don’t let it distract you from your current task. The list will help you empty your brain of that idea right then and there and help you to stay involved in the task at hand. Keep moving on what you’re doing and let the list guide you for later tasks. By writing these tasks down it assures that you will get to them after your primary task.


5. Take breaks

The best way to be productive is to be sure and take breaks. It is impossible to be working completely for 8 hours straight on a task. Working takes brain power and it’s important to take breaks and refuel. A good and intentional break will lead to a much more productive day. A break can also serve as an incentive to yourself and motivation to get work done. You do your best work when you allow yourself to take breaks.

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