Bad Advice Job Seekers Should Stop Listening to

We’ve all heard career advice that may seem questionable at times. While advice is usually well-meaning that doesn’t mean it should always be heeded. There is much bad advice that is given. Take this time to reconsider what you’ve always heard about job-seeking. If you’re looking for a job, make sure to take advice from those that want you to Go Forth and Conquer, like our experts at Stratice.


“Networking isn’t worth it.”

You might dread the thought of networking or even heard that it’s a waste of time. While some may feel like this, it just doesn’t seem to be the case. Networking continues to be a powerful force even in this day and age. It’s always a good idea to stay connected to those in your industry. Those that have the same position as you or those that have the position you want. Don’t listen to people telling you networking is no longer valuable. Networking and connecting with people and building relationships are always of the utmost importance. Like Stratice CEO Jordan Franklin says; “your network equals your net worth.” 


“Add everything to your resume.”

There’s a fine line between what is too much on a resume and what is too little. First of all, a photo of yourself on your resume is not necessary. This will not increase your chance of getting the job. Keep your resume to your accomplishments and tell your story of experiences.  Also, don’t add random keywords to your resume to make it appear that you are a stronger candidate. Have confidence in your resume and make sure the content is stellar. The recruiters at Stratice can give you tips on how to sure your resume up for top contention! 


“End your cover letter with a follow-up time.”

Often job seekers are told to end their cover letter with a line that encourages the reader to reach out to them and set up a meeting. This will surely lead to employment, right? Unfortunately, this is often seen as aggressive or disrespectful of the reader’s schedule. You shouldn’t have to force your way into getting the job you want. Don’t be passed up because you ended your cover letter with, “Let’s plan a meeting for next Tuesday at 9 a.m.” Have confidence in your resume and cover letter.


“Stick to what you know.”

When looking for a job, you may feel like you have to only look for positions that you are formally trained or educated in. This is often not the case. Many people are not at all formally educated in the job they’re now doing. Don’t be scared to go outside of your comfort zone and your strengths. Your career is your own. Companies are willing to train good employees that are willing to learn. At the same time, continually explore your skillset and always be willing to learn. Most Stratizens don’t end up on the same trajectory that they started out on.


“You’ll need at least 5 years to get promoted.”

Once again this is a strongly held belief that is often incorrect. Most companies and managers look at your day-to-day work ethic and your devotion to the company. Don’t be discouraged thinking that you have to have several years of experience at the company before you can be promoted. Do the best job you can and the results will come.


“It’s just a job!”

A job isn’t just a job. Job seekers need to be as picky as they can be with their experience and expertise level. Having a job and constant income is important but not more important than your overall well-being and happiness. Adults spend most of their lives at their jobs so it’s important not to get stuck doing something that you hate and you spend your days being miserable. A job search should be just that, a thorough search. 

Are you looking for a job? The experts at Stratice make it their job to help you find your job. Contact them or give them a call today!

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