Owner Spotlight – Chris and Robin Hampton

We are excited to spotlight another two of our owners – Chris and Robin Hampton. They are proud to be a part of the Straticephere, alongside Scott and Jordan Franklin! Together, these 4 can conquer anything!

As the Chief Strategy Officer of Stratice, Chris is the man behind the plan. He spent 20 years in the staffing industry before he left his position as President to help build Stratice. He sees things and anticipates change before anyone else. His years of experience in business and staffing gives Stratice a competitive edge.

Robin is the Chief Experience Officer for Stratice, building relationships and ensuring our clients and employees always have a memorable experience. She is the cheerleader of the team and her enthusiasm is contagious! She embodies the Core Values of Stratice and is passionate about creating an authentic and inclusive culture, where the employees are empowered and innovation is encouraged. She is a firm believer in giving back to our communities and has worked hard to do just that!

Stratice is more than an IT staffing firm – we are a family. Coming from different experiences and backgrounds allows us to be a diverse group with many talents, skills, desires, and abilities – all working together to create a workplace culture that is welcoming for everyone! We like to have FUN!! Anyone up for Golden T?  You will need to bring you’re A-Game, we have some pros at Stratice!

Our wish for Stratice is to continue to provide outstanding customer service to our clients, be the best employer ever for our team, and always make new friends. We never want to quit learning or striving to be better.

Chris and Robin are proud grandparents to 5 gorgeous grandchildren and love to spend time with them. When they are not with their family or working, they are either remodeling “something” or on the lake. There is never a dull moment for the Hampton’s!

Stratice is blessed to have both the Franklin’s and Hampton’s running the show. With their combined talent and leadership, there’s nothing these 4 can’t do!

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