Quarantine Point System Challenge

Have you been locked inside during quarantine, trying to maintain a proper social distance from the rest of society during this COVID-19 pandemic? Maybe that means you are being SUPER productive and accomplishing all of those tasks you have been putting off for months and months. Or, if you aren’t quite as ambitious, you might be doing good just to get up and brush your hair each day!

With all of us stuck inside, let’s make this a little more fun with a Quarantine Point System! Let’s see how many points we can rack up each day…

Quarantine Point System

Give yourself 1 point for each of the things that you did today…

o Got out of bed BEFORE 9 AM
o Took a shower
o Brushed your hair
o Blow dried your hair
o Straightened or curled your hair
o Put on foundation
o Put on eyeshadow
o Put on eyeliner
o Put on lip-gloss
o Put on mascara (or brushed your lash extensions!)
o Got dressed in non sweats
o Wore shoes
o Worked out
o Did your nails
o Washed your face
o Did a face mask
o Moisturized
o Went outside
o Shaved

How’d You Do?

How many points do you have for today already? If it’s no more than 3… then that’s okay! WE know somebody who didn’t. We won’t name any names, but it starts with a J and ends with an ordan! Why don’t we just embrace this season and enjoy some fresh faces for a couple of months! Our skin could probably use some time to breathe, anyway. Be creative and find fun things to do, even from a distance!

If you want to start something NOT on this list, like a new career, reach out to us today and we can help you rack up all the points!

Happy Social Distancing!

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