Should I Let AI Write My Resume?

Day after day it seems that technology is advancing in the blink of an eye in every industry. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more popular and more accessible, you might be wondering, should I let AI write my resume? It’s a long story but the answer is yes and no. Our friends at Stratice will get into this below.

First and foremost, with AI being on the rise, we are all learning more and more every day. There are new updates and services coming out to help job seekers all the time if you aren’t sure where to start or want the best chances to get the job call us! We will help review your resume and make sure it gets in front of the right people. Your friends at Stratice want to help you succeed. 


AI, The New Normal

A new study by Resume Builder shows that 3 out of 4 job seekers that used ChatGPT to write their resume or cover letter got an interview. The reality is a lot of people are using AI to write their resumes and/or cover letters and they have seen positive results. This study also showed that AI produced quality results. AI is able to coherently write on many subjects. It can be a good thing to try if you aren’t already.

As the job market continues to get more competitive, this could be a great tool in your career toolbox. AI is not something to be afraid of, just something to be aware of and take advantage of to leverage yourself. As tools like these are becoming more accessible, AI-assisted resumes will be much more common, if you want to stay on the cutting edge of job seekers this is an excellent place to start. 


AI Saves Time

AI lets everyday individuals save time on tasks that would otherwise take hours. This is no different with resumes. With the correct input, AI can work very well. We know that machine learning and AI are not going to be perfect but they certainly can save you time. It can provide you with a good place to start, a jumping-off point to inspire you. It is not recommended to submit your resume as AI wrote it. AI, as of right now is not the end-all and be-all, it still needs you to perfect it. Take time to edit it and change anything that does not sound like something you would say or anything that is untrue. 


Using AI

There are so many options for AI and they seem to be growing more by the day. There are various services to help build resumes specifically. In addition, AI is used by many hiring managers to scan resumes and cover letters for keywords. It is also not uncommon for job descriptions or applications to be written by AI. So when you use AI to write your resume it’s like computers talking to each other. 

When you ask AI “Write my resume” it will respond by asking for your education, work experience, skills, and other relevant information. The more information you give, the better! When using AI you can put in keywords, ask it to format, or provide a main theme from what you have written. It will plug in the given information and put together a resume. In some services, it will even specifically target jobs and industries. It is always best to read over and edit your resume. AI is helpful but somewhat of a human touch is preferred. 

Using new and innovative technology can be a great asset but, don’t let it replace old-fashioned networking skills. Your human skills are invaluable and we can help you perfect them! A resume can help you get an interview, but we can help you get the job! Contact one of your friends at Stratice!

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