The Company Culture Game

by Karlee Kilker

Looking for a job brings uncertainty, stress, and plenty of heartaches. The job description could be right on the money, but the company culture will end up being a deal-breaker. Sometimes it can feel like it’s all one big game you have to play. In light of an era that latches onto reality TV, a quick comparison could be to the feeling that you’re on a dating game show. Daunting as that may sound, going into the process with this mindset could prevent the nuisance of falling into an incompatible work environment.

Think of the interview as the first date. Some will capture you from the first moment, while others will leave you making an excuse to get out of there fast.  Whether you’re the right match for a company goes back to one thing – company culture. If the culture isn’t right, then the business goals won’t be executed, and productivity will suffer on all fronts. Finding the place where your outlook fits the company culture is essential but knowing that you’ve found the right place before you start is a recipe for success.

Three things to consider when deciding if this is the company for you:

Get a feel for the company culture before the curtain falls.

Take steps to know who you’re going to be working alongside. Checking their social media presence and current employee’s LinkedIn profiles can tell you upfront if you’ll coincide with your potential coworkers (both in skill and in work ethic). What would someone say about the company? Would they give you a passionate response?

“I’m proud to be part of a company that invests in its employees. Stratice makes an effort to take care of their employees and listen to their needs. And little things, like employee recognition and company breakfasts, make you feel like you are part of a “family” rather than just an employee.” – Meghan Echols | Project Manager | State of Alabama Office of Information Technology

Think about if you’re willing to risk it and go all in.  

It takes equated values to sign on with a company. If you’re not in agreement with its practices or actions it stands for, problems will be on the horizon. Putting your trust in a company means living out their mission statement. It’s best not to waste anyone’s time, and have cemented what your expectations are before you jump on board. Is this a company you’d sign up to be a brand ambassador for?

“The experience of joining the Stratice team has been anything but ordinary.  I got the pleasure of becoming a “Stratizen” a few months ago, and it has surpassed my expectations of being a young professional in the work world. The Stratice leaders never pass up on an opportunity to teach, encourage, and learn alongside their team.”

Sydney Walker | Technical Recruiter | Stratice

Determine the potential for your growth.

Growth doesn’t just mean climbing the promotion ladder. The road to good company culture includes maintaining the employee’s sense of individuality. Making sure you’ll have personal and intellectual growth should always be a component of the job search. Candidates want to be confident that they agree with the policies and values of their companies. A great pulse taker: Tell me about a time when someone, maybe yourself, lived out your company culture.

Finding a company that doesn’t make this feel like you’re playing a game is the key. The good news: Stratice is here to play matchmaker and make this process much more straightforward.

So why does company culture mean everything here at Stratice?

The feeling of passion and family has to run through all that gets done from start to execution. One of our “Stratizen’s,” Kaitlyn Poole described a place wherein her five months with the company, she’s “had the opportunity to work with fearless leaders who continue to encourage our team to put our best selves forward.”

Having a community element integrated with the workplace is a standard held by our offices to equate to the connection space of our industry. Being able to hone in on where our candidates will thrive is a pride point. Without this, personal and professional growth wouldn’t follow for our employees. This company culture philosophy helps bring out the best abilities for clients and candidates alike.

Stratice makes the confusion of finding your perfect match easier. Our dedicated recruiters and executives alike are ready to pair you with the company that will best suit your needs.

**Contact Stratice at info@mystratice.com for further inquiry regarding open positions.

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