The Enneagram at Work

Sometimes it takes a moment of inner reflection to gain your most beneficial results. Recently our Chief Experience Officer, Robin Hampton, sent the internal team an invitation to dive into the world of Enneagrams. After using the link she’d shared, everyone began to call out where their numbers landed. Understanding the personality traits your teammates possess offers a greater perspective on your office and work dynamic. At Stratice, we took this as a reminder of how individuals can enable your team. Letting that impact spread into the workplace brings on more significant support for each other.

What’s your Enneagram type?

There was a time when the “what’s your sign” question helped people gain a read of who you were. Now, don’t be surprised if someone asks you what your Enneagram type is. Many tests that go on regarding behavior and the workplace analyze the external factors rather than how situations call out different results among team members. Using the Enneagram, the basis is on motives, fears, and wants. This methodology lets you discover potential areas to grow from insecurities and the things that make us unique. You’ll see your type take on characteristics from others during times of growth and stress.

Type 1: The Reformer/Perfectionist

The Enneagram at Work 1

You’re the rational and idealistic type. By having a strong sense of right and wrong, Type One’s are going to strive to improve and aim towards perfection, finding an environment where they can evaluate performance within all variables from the start through execution. A “go with the flow” environment is not ideal, as he/she will prefer structure and order. Their problems fall back towards resentment and impatience while holding higher standards.

Our Office One:

Drew Wade, Senior Recruiter (1w9)

  • Healthy qualities: Ethical, reliable, and productive
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Judgmental, dogmatic, unrealistic expectations
  • Type adoption: 
    • Times of growth: The Enthusiast
    • Times of stress: The Individualist

Type 2: The Helper

The Enneagram at Work 2

You’re the caring and interpersonal type.

Type Two’s become motivated by the need to feel loved and valued. Issues arise when they look for acknowledgment for their needs. Count on this type to make you feel fantastic! The worst thing you could do is take advantage of that big heart of theirs.

Our Office Two’s

Karlee Kilker, Associate Social Media Coordinator (2w1)

Michael Hood, Senior Recruiter (2w3)

Brittany Ray, Operations Coordinator (2w3)

Sydney Walker, Recruiter (2w3) 

  • Healthy qualities: Loving, generous, enthusiastic
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Martyr, over-accommodating, and indirect
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Individualist
    • Times of stress: The Challenger

Type 3: The Achiever/The Performer

The Enneagram at Work 3

You’re the success-oriented and pragmatic type.

Looking to be successful, Three’s believe value lies in achievements. To earn sought out recognition, an ideal scenario for this type has a job where a path towards working upwards in the company is available. Essentially, this isn’t your local freelancer. When they become overly concerned with image, their weak spot is put out in the open.  

Our Office Three’s

Robin Hampton, Chief Experience Officer (3w2)

Jordan Franklin, Chief Executive Officer (3w2)

  • Healthy qualities: Optimist, practical, efficient
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Narcissistic, workaholic, deceptive
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Loyalist
    • Times of stress: The Peacemaker

Type 4: The Individualist

The Enneagram at Work 4

You’re the sensitive and withdrawn type.

This type becomes motivated by the need to be themselves and feel understood. Having a working environment that’s cornerstone is flexibility and expression, creates the perfect storm for a four.

  • Healthier qualities: Warm, compassionate, introspective
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Dramatic, self-absorbed, guilt-ridden
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Reformer
    • Times of stress: The Helper

Type 5: The Investigator/The Observer

The Enneagram at Work 5

You’re the intense and curious type.

You can spot them for being insightful; a Five’s motivation stems from the need to be self-sufficient and knowledgeable. Five’s want to continue to learn about everyone and everything around them. They are well aware of the need for a workforce of “lifelong learners.”

  • Healthier qualities: Analytical, wise, perceptive
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Arrogant, distant, critical
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Enthusiast
    • Times of stress: The Challenger

Type 6: The Loyalist/The Skeptic

The Enneagram at Work 6

You’re the active and security-oriented type.

As the “troubleshooter,” Six’s are motivated by the need to have support and guidance. These are thick and thru friends and employees. For success, the loyalist needs a role where they can turn all their worrying energy into productivity.

  • Healthier qualities: Loyal, responsible, caring
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Paranoid, controlling, self-doubt
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Peacemaker
    • Times of stress: The Achiever

Type 7: The Enthusiast/The Adventurer

The Enneagram at Work 7

You’re the busy and fun-loving type who is always looking for a new experience.

Sevens are high-spirited and need to be happy and content. Need a lesson in zest? Befriend a seven! They’re always going to have a great story to tell and exciting new ideas to share.

  • Healthier qualities: Fun, spontaneous, confident
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Rebellious, impulsive, self-destructive
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Investigator
    • Times of stress: The Reformer

Type 8: The Challenger

The Enneagram at Work 8

You’re the powerful and decisive type.

Eight’s want control of their environment and show drive based on the need to protect themselves, be self-reliant, and secure. Why have a boss when you were made to be THE boss? If they haven’t gotten it yet, they’ll prove their destined for that next promotion and all the freedom it brings.

Our Office Eight:

Chris Hampton, Chief Strategy Officer (8w7)

Scott Franklin, Chief Operating Officer (8w7)

  • Healthier qualities: Direct, loyal, advocate for others
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Controlling, skeptical, rebellious
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Helper
    • Times of stress: The Investigator

Type 9: The Peacemaker

The Enneagram at Work 9

You’re the easygoing and self-effacing type.

In wanting everything to run without a hitch, nines become motivated by the need to keep the peace and avoid conflict. Keeping a nine around provides an anchor for the office. Being kind natured, they believe in the possibility of the best outcomes and working through any struggles that come along.

  • Healthier qualities: Diplomatic, receptive, calming
  • Potential unhealthy qualities: Stubborn, complacent, judgmental
  • Type adoption:
    • Times of growth: The Achiever
    • Times of stress: The Loyalist

Once you know your type, you’re on your way towards effective leadership and a point of self-awareness. This bit of insight on your psyche may give you a refined glimpse into how you best tick. Since we all pick up a small piece of everyone we interact with and meet, the Enneagram accounts for a combination of leanings. Taking the analysis and owning ALL of your qualities will mean one step closer to empowering yourself and becoming more well-rounded.

Want a greater insight into how your coworkers, or even friends, operate? Send out the Enneagram Test and watch the results pour in! 

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