The Importance of Developing and Maintaining a Network

Networking is key to fostering good relationships throughout your career. If you’re asking yourself how to do that, we at Stratice are here to help!

Making Connections

Genuinely connecting seems to be something that’s lost on most people these days. With social media and the advent of the internet, it has made connecting easier but at the same time, less genuine. Connecting on social media and through the internet is important but on top of that, a personal connection can mean the most and make you stand out. These connections can lead to collaborations, friends, or jobs.

Using social media websites like Facebook or LinkedIn does have value and is encouraged. It may also be necessary to send emails as it can be the best way to reach the widest audience. Make sure to keep in contact with these connections and don’t just connect for the sake of just getting more connections. Make the connection genuine, and don’t just use these people. Making these connections and networking is a world you should explore to become a better connector.

While using social media and email is valuable, this shouldn’t be the only way you connect with others. It is recommended to use every tactic available to reach the most amount of people.

Impress the Best

Unfortunately, these social media websites and email recruitment messages are usually ignored and seen as very mainstream and less valuable. If you’re trying to reach your candidates this way and only this way, you may not see great success. The competition for talent is very fierce and it’s best to use more genuine ways to reach others.

Though we live in a digital age, there are certainly people who prefer in-person interaction and value those experiences much more. To connect with these people it is important to create an event that they want to attend. Make your candidates feel important and that you will give them an experience no one else will. Create something that is desirable and different from the same old same old professional societies. Make an event that is invitation only to select individuals. This will be seen as high-end and something they would most likely attend. This is much more valuable than a recruitment notification on their phone.

Speak for Yourself

Next, arguably the most important part of connecting with others is the art of conversation. Once you have them in the room, you have to speak for yourself. Brush up on your social skills. Remember how to talk to people in the real world and make them feel valued. Have the right motivations and actually get to know people.

Unlike the online world, you cannot just multitask. Focus on the person in front of you and see the value that they have. Don’t try to sell anything to them or act like it’s work. This is for getting to know people and developing a real connection. This may take longer than you’d like. Several interactions may lead to something but you can’t expect your first interaction to lead to a collaboration. Remember to stay in touch and follow up, like you would in a real relationship. This is something you have to work at and in the end, it will certainly be worth it.

Valuable Connections

Once this connection is built, continue to invest in it. Don’t take it for granted. For your open positions, you probably want the best talent so this way is the best way to go. The hard work pays off and these people are much more likely to apply for your job if you have connected with them in person. This is not always available or useful but if you want the best you have to work to get them. A personal touch always stands out and for that job vacancy you have this can give you an employee for years to come.

At Stratice we see the value of networking and we love to connect. Connect with us on social media or give us a call for more information on how to land the perfect candidate.

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