How to Get a Great Job After College with Little Experience

Earning a college degree is something to be proud of, but it does not guarantee a job. Coming out of college, many students have the knowledge but little experience. While that can seem discouraging when getting into the workforce, our experts at Stratice have advice on perfecting your experience and increasing your chances of getting hired.

Entry Level

First things first, do your research. An excellent place to start with little experience is an entry-level position. These positions are exactly what they sound like. They are for those just starting in their career, and that will be listed in the job description. You may not be qualified if the job description says it’s a mid or upper-level position. These positions are for those with several years of experience. When applying for jobs, be sure and do your homework and thoroughly read the job description to ensure it is something you are qualified for. If an entry-level position requires a few years of experience, fear not! You can leverage your college courses and opportunities as valuable experiences.

Knowledge is Power

Remember, there is value in what you learned in college! Think about all the classes you took and the material you learned. Use what you studied to get a foot in the door. What specific courses did you like and were valuable? Be sure and make those transferable. If you have zero work experience, you can always list relevant coursework on your resume. The more relevant coursework, the better! 

Also, don’t count out your semester-long projects or volunteer work. These extended projects that mirror work experience are very valuable. Relevant volunteer work should be included on your resume as well. 

Internships Are Valuable 

Take advantage of internships while on the job search. If you can’t get a job immediately, try to get an internship. Internships are an excellent way to get a wide breadth of knowledge and gain valuable experience in a specific field. You can get your feet wet in a short amount of time and then take what you learned to get a job. 

If you had an internship while in college, contact the company and stay in contact. They might be hiring or have connections or clients that are. They know your work ethic and can recommend you to others despite your lack of experience.

Get Certified

Certifications are always helpful and show ambition! Employers love to see that you care enough to take it upon yourself to continue to learn. Researching and getting certifications in your field is also helpful. You can differentiate yourself and gain knowledge in a specific area. Showing this initiative and willingness to learn says much about your work ethic.

Get Started

Lastly, know that your first job may be something other than your dream job. First jobs are for taking the first steps and getting your feet wet in your chosen career. Keep your ambitions high but know that there will be time for that in the future. Look at someone who has your dream job and see where they started. Let this be encouraging and motivating. It takes hard work over many years to get where you want to be, and we want to help you! 

Don’t let the post-graduate job search discourage you. This is just the beginning of your career; there is much to learn. Stratice wants to help you succeed. We are here for you for each step of the job search and your career. Contact us, and let’s embrace your potential and get to work!

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