5 Reasons to Use Stratice (Your Concierge Staffing Firm)

When looking to fill an open role, there can be so many questions and worries. Trying to hire without an expert can be a frustrating, long, and tumultuous journey. That’s where Stratice comes in. Stratice’s job is to make the hiring process as easy as possible for the employer. 


Save time

Stratice has the ability to focus all its time on finding candidates for employers. Employers don’t have time to sift through qualified and unqualified candidates. Stratice is able to focus on the exact candidates that could add the most value. If you need a qualified candidate quickly, Stratice can provide that. Recruiters take on the time-consuming tasks of searching and vetting candidates. 


Save money

Not only does hiring take time but it takes lots of money. Having an open position for a long time can lead to lots of money lost for the company. This open position costs money and leads to disorganization in the company. Stratice finds qualified candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.


Build a better culture

Stratice can provide employers with top talent that will add value to their business and create a culture of success and ambition. Stratice can bring someone in that will transform the culture of the organization. These candidates can breathe new life into the staff and business with top talent. Recruiters understand real job needs and can find the ideal candidate that will bring productivity to the business.


Get industry knowledge

Stratice has experts with industry knowledge to help make the best hiring decision possible. Recruiters already have a network of talent built up. They are industry experts and are in contact with a large pool of candidates every day. Recruiters also have valuable knowledge of skilled available candidates, salary ranges, local market trends, and more.


Handles onboarding and payroll

Stratice can guide employers and candidates through onboarding and make everything as smooth as possible. Stratice handles all the paperwork and any other technicalities associated with the onboarding process. This makes it easier for both the candidates and the employer. Stratice’s job is to ensure the paperwork is all handled and the candidate is ready to be a productive team member. Get partnered with Stratice and worry no longer.

Stratice has the experts to get the job done. If you have an open position, call us and we will use our skills and knowledge to bring the most qualified candidates to you. We handle resume building, hiring, onboarding, candidate screening, as well as many other services. Give us a call or visit our website.

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