Why Use a Staffing Firm?

Hiring isn’t a quick and easy process. Many employers are starting to shift from tackling it on their own to eliciting the help of staffing firms to make their lives easier! Some, however, aren’t sure if it’s worth the money. We’re here to help you understand how a staffing agency, Stratice in particular, can come alongside you in the journey of filling your open positions.

How can Stratice help?

Most companies are not set up to recruit for their own positions, which means recruiting typically falls to the human resource (HR) manager. HR managers already have responsibilities and obligations that keep them busy throughout the day. Adding recruiting on top typically means that it falls through the cracks.

Having a staffing agency, such as Stratice, recruit for you means that you will have professionals who are dedicated to helping you fill your positions – it is their sole job to do so. Our recruiters are able to devote their time and energy to finding the perfect candidate to fill the roles that are open. Staffing firms offer specific knowledge that greatly aides in the staffing process.

Stratice takes a consultative approach with each of our clients, working to understand and anticipate their current and future needs. We do more than simply “take your order.” We take great pride in building a lasting relationship with both our clients and candidates to ensure that we are doing the right thing for both parties.

Why Stratice?

So why would it benefit your business to use Stratice to help fill your positions? While there are a variety of reasons, one is that you’re not limited to only passive recruiting. Passive recruiting is when a company pushes out a job application onto job hunting platforms, like Zip Recruiter, without recruiting candidates for the position. Stratice can come in and actively seek out the right candidates for the job!

Recruiters take the time to study the position and then seek out people through the networks that they have made to find the person that will not only be qualified for the position but also fit the overall feel of the company as a whole. This allows for the process to be more efficient. Instead of just waiting for somebody to come across the job application, you’re sending somebody out to go and find them!

At Stratice we strive for a memorable experience! Any staffing company can find candidates, but we work hard to create lasting and meaningful relationships for all that we touch. That is who we are – that is our brand!

How do I get started?

Are you ready to get started finding qualified candidates to fill your open positions? We are ready to get to work for you! Working with Stratice is an easy process that can get off the ground with a simple phone call. Once you’ve discussed the position with a recruiter, they get to work.

You can also discuss rates before recruiters get started, BUT take heart! You won’t pay until Stratice finds an able person to fill your available position – no matter what kind of hire it is! So, it is basically signing an agreement to keep Stratice on retainer for no money.

Our recruiters are passionate about their jobs! They love connecting businesses with the right people. They take the time to carefully consider each position they are working to fill and they work hard to find the perfect candidate, not just your average Joe. They are ready to help you today! Give us a call!





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