Owner Spotlight – Jordan and Scott Franklin

Scott and Jordan Franklin are two of the proud owners of Stratice! Together they are a dynamic duo conquering the world of consulting. Scott’s eye for detail and Jordan’s spunk make for the perfect team!

How did Stratice come to be? Jordan was working within another company when Scott first decided he wanted to try something new! Beginning first as his project, it wasn’t long before Jordan joined in on the fun! Eventually she left her job to partner with Scott to make their dreams come to life! Soon they were operating as a full staffing business and hiring their first employees.

What do Scott and Jordan’s roles look like at Stratice? While they both work hard in a variety of different areas, they find a balance between responsibilities. Jordan, Chief Exploration Officer of Stratice, spends her time making sure the office runs smoothly and that the company is presented well to their publics. She handles job orders, sales, growing their reach, and making sure their recruiters have all that they need to do their jobs.

While Jordan might be the face of the company in her work, Scott, Chief Operating Officer of the company, keeps the business up and running and everybody happy and paid. (We are thankful for that!) His responsibilities reach far beyond his title. Scott has a great impact on each and every hire we have. He has made their transition to Stratice simple and runs a team of people to make sure all consultants and internal employees have what they need in order to be successful.

If they had to sum up the culture of Stratice it would be ‘work hard play hard’. They are proud of the business they have built and the people that make it what it is! Though they like to have fun, they put in the work needed to be successful in all that they do.

As Stratice continues to grow, Scott and Jordan wish to continue see the company they love rising in the ranks! They look forward to new opportunities to expand their reach across the nation. Not too fast, but not too slow, they hope to see Stratice become all that they know and designed it to be.

Check back soon for another spotlight on Chris and Robin Hampton.


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